The must have for every kite-family

DP Squirt 2-line Kite

  • 6500

As the name suggests the Squirt is the smallest kite in the range. This 2 line open celled foil comes with polyester lines, handles and wrist strap controls in branded black bum bag. The Squirt comes ready to fly straight out of the bag and is the ideal family starter kite due to its ease of flight, durability and light pull.

The Direct Power Squirt has no spars it is capable of flying in light winds and of course there is no frame to break or pieces to loose. The kite has a mature look unlike some small foils on the market and it packs down to nothing making the Squirt the ideal holiday companion.

DP Squirt 1.5m Package:

  • Kite sail
  • Polyester line set
  • Solid plastic handles
  • Wrist strap controls
  • DP branded bum bag
  • Basic Instructions

These kites are suitable for everyone and comparable with any entry level 2 line foil.

If you are looking for a kite for you and your family you can have heaps of fun with and see if you really want to get into kiting then this is a good choice!

Sizes: 1.2m, 1.5m


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