Peter Lynn OUTLAW Competition Buggy

Peter Lynn OUTLAW Competition Buggy

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The Peter Lynn OUTLAW competition buggy comes with a new stainless steel powder coated frame and carbon fibre axle for reduced weight.

Note: This buggy is made to order. Frame colour may vary

Once bugging became a more competitive sport and stunts such as 360 deg spins started to develop, Peter Lynn came up with a drastically changed buggy design . The center of gravity shifted further forward while being maintained as low as possible. The seat is made of padded webbing which hold the riders position in the frame firmly. High speed turns became easier to control without the risk of falling out. 
The correct seating position is critical to get maximum performance, therefore the seating is fully adjustable. 
Beware this is a serious competition buggy.  Higher speeds are possible with larger side forces and in combination with the extended rear axle 'breaking out' of the rear end is history.


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