Ocean & Earth SUP Flat Water Coil 10ft

Ocean & Earth SUP Flat Water Coil 10ft

  • 7500

Experience Ocean Earths One Piece Leash Technology with the new 10' SUP Coil Leash. The One Piece Moulded technology means no need for end joints, which means no more weak points. Made from premium grade urethane, this quality surf leash features a dual anchor stainless free-spin swivel, a reinforced urethane flexi-neck, deluxe padded strap, not to mention the following: WAVE SIZE : 6ft (1.8m) LENGTH : Coiled: 2ft, 6inches (0.76m) /Extended: 10ft (3m) CORD DIA.: 5/16(8mm) HORN TYPE : ONE Piece Leash Technolog ySWIVEL : Double STRAP 50mm Padded RAILSAVER Detachable.
WARRANTY : 12 Months

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