Mystic Beanie Brimstar

Mystic Beanie Brimstar CLEARANCE!

  • 1800
  • Save $1450

A cool-looking Neoprene Accessory for those cold days on the water!


  • Flatlock stretch seams:
     A breathable, overlapping flat-stitched seam. Non-chaffing and super durable.
  • Attachment Wetsuit Loop:
     Loser Leash elastic string loop inside of the beanie: Use a simple larks-head knot to tie the loser leash to the zipper pull webbing of your wetsuit
  • 2mm Dura Span Neoprene:
    Strength and warmth are the key features of DURA Span neoprene.
  • Brim Visor: blocks the sun and channels water from your eyes.

Sizes: S/M and L/XL

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