HQ Limbo Tripple Stack

HQ Limbo Tripple Stack

  • 22000

The HQ Limbo 3-Stack is not just a kite train, it is out-of-the-ordinary fun paired with a shot of adrenaline. It embodies the pure passion of kite flying in an ingenious way. Limbo 3-Stack requires attention and a steady hand as it generates tremendous speed and loads of pull in higher winds – that’s the way it delivers so much fun for advanced pilots who accept the challenge. Limbo 3-Stack also provides an amazing sky show to mesmerize pilots and onlookers alike. To achieve a small, handy package for travel and vacation, these kites are delivered in a folded condition, but specially preconfigured for stack flying. So the fun can start immediately without any mess or trouble. Together with the included accessories Limbo 3-Stack packs up very small in an attractive kite bag – ideal for on the move.

Wingspan: 156cm


Height: 72cm


Frame: 5mm Fibreglass


Sail: Ripstop Polyester


Wind Range: 4 - 30 mph


Lines: Dyneema 70kg x 30m on winder with wrist straps


Carry case


Age 14+

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