HQ Jive, an all round stunt kite for pilots who want to start doing tricks, suitable for coming to grips with difficult tricks.

HQ Jive II Stunt Kite

  • 19900

The Jive II is also still recommended for pilots who have decided to enter the amazing world of trick flying. The handling of this all-round sport kite is very easy and big fun.

Its light construction offers impressing light wind performance. These light-wind-features have even been improved compared to the predecessor. This makes the Jive II extremely interesting for inland flying.

The Jive II also flies with extreme precision and knows many old and new tricks

\"\" Allround stunt kite for pilots who want to start tricks
\"\" Sends with precision and is suitable for difficult tricks
\"\" Also suitable for low wind
\"\" R2F with dyneema, 2x25m 45kg with straps
\"\" Material: Polyester - 5 Carbon 6 mm

Available in 'Infrared' and 'Emerald'

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