Infinity Five Finger Gloves, 1.5mm SALE!

Infinity Five Finger Gloves, 1.5mm SALE!

  • 4500
  • Save $2000

Lightweight 1.5mm Infiniti gloves from Xcel, great for taking the edge off during cold surf sessions and keeping you in the water longer.

1.5mm is the thinnest glove that Xcel offer, it gives you the most flexibility and freedom to move, the palms have the same gripper print as the other Xcel glove ranges for great traction on your surfboard.

If you just need a pair of gloves that will take the edge off the cold wind or if you'd really rather not wear gloves at all these are a good choice, they will help keep your hands warmer for longer without being cumbersome or difficult to get on and off.

  • Ultrastretch
  • Taitex seald glued and blind stitched seams
  • Full "gripper" palms

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