Peter Lynn Bigfoot buggy will travel over any type of terrain, sand, single, grass, water

Bigfoot Buggy - NZ made!

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Get the latest buggy design spec's on your 'made to order' buggy!

Peter Lynn Bigfoot Buggy:

The impressive Big-foot drastically changed the outcome of races that were held on soft-sand beaches during 1996. Buggying not only became possible on soft sand; the creature does not stop for anything! Rolling over dunes, tricks like wheelies, slides, reverses, spins - even aquaplaning can be done on this buggy! Upwind performance is incredible and no speed is lost despite it's big wheels. A tough buggy also to beat on the race course and the wheels can be fitted to any buggy with 15mm bolts, although we recommend the special Big-foot frame.


Frame Weight (kg): 5.4
Total Buggy Weight (kg): 29.4
Axle Length (cm): NEW - 140
Seat: NEW - Heavy Duty Coated Fabric, extra comfy


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