2015 Ozone REO Water Kite CLEARANCE!

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The Ozone REO 2015 is designed purely for waves and surf board riders, this is a dedicated wave riders kite designed to have fast handling, float down the line, good relaunch, mega de power and plenty of power to get you back up to the line-up. If you want to park and surf or loop it down the line, hooked or unhooked, the Ozone REO is designed to deliver in all these circumstances. If you want a kite that you can depend on to deliver the performance you want and need to ride to the level you desire on the day. It truly is a kite that can do it all no matter what riding you are doing. The Reo 2015 is advanced in design yet simple enough to let you focus on surfing the wave. Versatile performance makes all conditions, from on-shore slop to cross-off barreling reef breaks, fun and easy. The relatively low aspect design combined with fast direct handling generates consistent power to get around sections in a wave. Finely tuned profiles and wing shaping offer unmatched drifting characteristics - as you ride down the line the Reo 2015 will float allowing more concentration lining up the next section. De-powering the Reo is smooth and efficient, canopy luff is progressive which means the kite maintains positive bar pressure and handling throughout the de-power throw range, making the kite very reactive throughout the range. The modifications to the new Reo 2015 have allowed Ozone to improve stability and float, whilst maintaining controlled depower capabilities, this allows the rider to depower to the point where surfing is closer to reality rather than being powered along a wave. The root chord has been slightly increased delivering consistent power to get around sections in the wave, whilst easily floating down the line when need be. With fast direct handling and improved low end the Reo allows the rider to maximise power in onshore conditions when the wave can ‘push’ downwind. Hooked or un-hooked the Reo performs to any given task in the waves. For unhooked riding simply trim in slightly with the de-power cleat and the Reo will sit and fly perfectly, floating with the rider making it easier to line up that next section. New sizes complete the Reo line up offering more selection for those critical rider preferences. Power to size ratios have been refined and now have more power per size. For example a rider enjoying the original 8m would now feel similarly powered on the new 7m. Be sure to take a test ride on the new Reo, here at Ozone we think all will be stoked with the performance and capabilities allowing you to push your wave riding to the next level. If you love to ride waves, the Ozone REO is easy to ride even in those critical moments because the kite can float in the air as you cruise down the line or smash the lip. It allows you to concentrate on the wave and not have to worry about perfect kite placement to keep it flying. When the wind picks up, the Ozone REO can still boost big and brings you down softly which is great for any beaten and broken body! It can even handle unhooked riding if that is your thing! However even if it is just cruising with your friends then no matter how flat or choppy the water, the Ozone Reo is going to be a pleasure to ride because of it’s smooth forgiving nature and it’s performance both up and down wind. Drawn from all the excellent attributes of previous Ozone kites, the Ozone REO has been refined into an amazing wave kite for entry level wave riding through to advanced barrel riding. The Ozone REO has been developed along with the new Contact control system, which has an increased de-power throw range and a simplified trimming area into modular replaceable components. Progressive power delivery, sharper handling and better all-round  performance means that from starting out to wave or even unhooked - the Ozone REO packs the perfect punch to progress safely and stress free. The bar pressure gives better feedback to the rider and the de-power trim strap is more effective without sacrificing feel or handling when engaged. The Reo also has several multiple trimming options settings for fast and light or slower and heavier handling, giving every rider the opportunity to set the kite up for individual preference. The Ozone REO 2015 has also been designed to be as easy and adaptable as possible, making it the ideal kite for anyone looking for simplicity and a quick learning curve. Line Trimmers affixed above each bar en also allow you to adjust the perfect line tension for any wind condition. If you prefer more bar pressure, simply pull in the trimmers. Want that light feel, just let the trimmer back out. It's an affordable, ultra light, 3 strut kite ideal for a wide range of wave riders and conditions. The Ozone REO is fun and easy to fly and feel, this versatile machine will redefine kitesurfing on a wave. Personal Riding Setup: The Ozone Reo is a kite that can be trimmed to suit your personal riding style. If you like to ride unhooked a lot in the waves then Ozone suggest lengthening the back lines by sliding the foam floats up and moving the knot to extend the back lines. Like this you will not need to trim the kite with the de-power cleat so much. If you like to ride hooked in and like the kite to feel stally and back fly, you can shorten the back lines by sliding the foam floats up and moving the knot to reduce the length of the back lines. Then by using the the de-power cleat you can fine tune it to the perfect amount for you. If you want lighter or heavier bar pressure then use the rear tabs on the tips where the back lines attach. If you are not sure what you like leave it as standard because that is what Ozone think is perfect! Perfect Travel Kite: The Ozone REO 2015 is also the perfect travel kite; light in weight and packs very small due to its compact size and minimalist 3 Strut Concept. Take the 12m on holiday with your surfboard and you have the perfect travel combo that will be under any airlines weight limits! The low end grunt of the REO is truly impressive and combined with its massive depower, the wind range of the REO allows you to consider a one size quiver for most days. Wave Riding: For wave riding, the Ozone REO low weight is the secret that unleashes its increased performance from such a stable shape. It literally hangs in the air even in super light winds and at the edge of the wind window… it just keeps pulling. The lightness is really felt when on fast waves …when moving with a quick wave the rider can easily overtake the kite and create less tension on the lines between rider and kite. While a heavy kite loses power and dies in this situation, the REO just keeps pulling away from the rider maintaining constant tension & pressure in the lines. This allows the rider to concentrate 100% on the wave knowing that the REO is always ready, and with its progressive steering one can confidently snap turns at will up or down the line. Unhooked Riding: For intermediate riders interested in learning to ride unhooked the REO is also the kite to own. You can un-hook without stressing your head with crazy power, the REO seriously makes riding un-hooked down the wave very easy and stress free and therefore makes it easier for you to master your wave riding. This is the unhooked wave kite that will allow the rider to learn those wave slashed with ease. Water Relaunching: The relaunch is almost automatic, just turn the bar and it’s in the air. The REO's constant power and fluid steering combined with user friendly characteristics makes the REO a dream for accelerating any learning curve. It is powerful enough to tow into the largest of waves, yet its low aspect shape will keep you on your board and not eject you when the trigger is pulled. Outlined below are some of the very important design features:

  •  Simplicity - low aspect, 3 strut model
  • New high volume inflate/deflate valve for quicker setup and pack down
  • One-Pump system for quick and easy setup
  • 4-Line Pulleyless System - simplicity reduces set up time and eliminates checking your lines twice. Pulley-less equals a more direct to kite feel and no parts to worry about getting jammed with sand or wearing out
  • Teijin Techno Force sail material
  • Comparable feeling throughout the size range
  • New planform which helps relaunching and self launch
  • Tip struts moved towards centre reducing sail flutter and increasing turning speed
  • Light weight aerodynamic leading edge scuff pads
  • Refined tip shape for precise, intuitive handling for faster turning providing a more constant pressure throughout the Depower range.
  • Multiple trimming settings for handling heavier bar pressure and slower handling and lighter bar pressure and faster handling respectively
  • Increased leading edge and strut volume for better floatation, relaunch and rigidity
  • New aerofoil sections designed to give more performance whilst reducing drag making the kite faster and smoother in the air
  • Easy relaunch – just turn the bar
  • Total Depower – From Full Power to No Power
  • Predictable and easy handling
  • Huge wind-range >> Low end and High end
  • Points high into the wind >>
  • Bar design with stainless steel insert and integrated flag out safety
  • Refined control system - below the bar 100% depower safety system allows the bar to spin without twisting up your leash.
  • Innovative high grade stainless Power Bracket, allowing for flawless flag-out safety system
  • Stopper Ball for flag out safety system
  • Exceptional build quality and attention to detail

Materials: Ozone's philosophy has always been to use only the finest materials available for any of our products and for our Kitesurf range this is no different. Tube kites take a particularly harsh beating due to the sand and salt environment therefore we decided to use the industries tried and tested sail cloth to ensure our kites keep their designed factory trim even after hundreds of hours of use.  

  • Main Sail - For the main body of the sail, Ozone use Tejin Nylon Rip-stop. Not the cheapest material option but by far the best material available in the industry.
  • LE and Struts - For the leading edge and struts we have chosen Dimension Polyant Dacron, also the leading Dacron manufacturer in the World. The structural part of a tube kite takes unbelievable amounts of stress and its imperative that a quality cloth is used otherwise the kites characteristics will change.
  • Bladders - We use the leading PU material for all our bladders and we are meticulous with their production to ensure you have a bladder that will not fail during normal use. Bladders can be a kiter’s worst nightmare; it was ours before we started making our own LEI’s! We use the finest valve machine available to electrically join the valves to the leading edge and struts.
  • Flying Lines - New for all 2015 kites, land and water is a new Dyneema line that is thinner and also stiffer due to a better coating technique. The thinner lines still retain the 300kg breaking strain so we have gained performance thanks to less parasitic drag as the lines fly through the air. The stiffer lines are also a lot easier to handle and do not tangle easily making your rigging time hassle free.


  •  Aerodynamic Leading edge scuff pads - therefore keeping weight off the leading edge which is very important for better performing kites
  • Narrow optimally designed diameter leading edge tube and struts - strong structure and less “parasitic drag” as kite cuts through the air.
  • New Tip Shape for a faster turn and to also give a more constant pressure throughout the D-Power range
  • Direct Line to Kite feel – no pulleys in Kite or bar
  • 2:1 depower trim strap which gives each model a constant feel from normal trim to full depower using the smooth clamcleat Trimmer Strap. 3-way rings made in highest grade 316 Stainless
  • New 2015 Stopper ball for the safety flag out line so that the bar does not shoot up the lines to far when emergency final safety release is activated. (span width of kite)
  • The Worlds finest material selection - no compromise, giving you peace of mind in buying into a quality manufactured product that will last
  • Unique bladder construction with double layer sections in wear areas - no failures
  • Leading industry service and support, if you have a problem - Ozone will deal with it
  • The Ozone REO is a dream to re-launch, just turn the bar fully to one side and the kite rolls over onto its tip. The rider can either re-launch immediately with the kite downwind and de-powered or allow the kite to work its way to the edge of the wind window, allowing for a stress free re-launch
  • Continuous smooth radius wingtip perfected in shape to increase turning speed and aid re-launch yet perfected in size to ensure the kite is balanced to stop any stall possibilities

Sizes:  9, 10, 12m


Available as Kite Only (including bag) or Complete with: 

Ozone Reo 2015 Kite Storage Bag:
Waterproof canvas and tough construction stuff sack.

Ozone Reo Kites

Ozone Reo 2015 Kite:
Kite complete with pre-stretched bridles.

Ozone Reo Kite Depower Power Kite

Dyneema Flying Lines:
Pre-stretched flying lines for ultimate performance and lowest stretch. Colour-coded for safety and ease of use.

Ozone Reo Flying Lines

Ozone Kite Pump:
Complete with aluminium shaft.

Ozone Kite Pump

Ozone Reo 2015 Contact Depower Control Bar with safety system:
Depower control bar with safety system, cleat adjustment and chickenloop.

Ozone Catalyst Depower Control Bar with Safety System


For 10 to 25 knots a rider of the following weight range should use the following size kite: 45-60kg 8m 60-70kg 10m 70-85 kg 12m To ride in more than 25 knots, it’s best to step down one size.


Who is this kite designed for: The Ozone REO has been designed to be as easy and adaptable as possible, making it the ideal kite for people looking for simplicity while tackling their first waves. For intermediate riders interested in learning to ride unhooked the REO is also the kite to own for more advanced overhead wave riding.

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