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Tim Stockman - Kitesports

Tim Stockman - Owner, Kitesports Instructor

Tim is passionate about every kite sport, loves the beach, surf & mountains. A few years ago, he added Paddleboarding onto his list as an alternative for calm days, especially for surfing waves. In the winter, backcountry Snowkiting takes over, pushing the sport here in New Zealand.

Never too far from New Brighton, Tim has also kited many spots around the world. His favourite, the long left hand waves of Peru, Taranaki in the north Island of NZ, and also Capo Mannu in Sardinia - if there just weren't all these screaming Italians!

Come stop in and have a chat & play with all the newest kiting gear at:

454 Marine Parade
South New Brighton
Christchurch, 8062

03 388 1112
021 542 770

Tim Stockman kite surfing