2014 Ozone ACCESS Snowkite SALE!

  • 77900
  • Save $52000

40% off normal retail!! ON SALE, LAST ONE! Complete in bag with bar & line set

The Ozone Access 2014 is both super stable for people just starting out and unhooked freestylers alike.

For riders new to the sport, the Ozone Access is the benchmark, from your first lessons on the snow or land to learning how to jump, the Access 2014 is the perfect tool for all new comers to buggying, landboardng and snow kiting. More experienced riders will find it is perfect to have in your quiver when the conditions or terrain get more demanding.

It’s important for an all round kite to have excellent stability, it must be easy to control, deliver smooth constant power and have good safety. The Access does it all featuring our total flag out safety for those emergency situations. Thanks to the Access’s design riders are able to concentrate on their riding technique with confidence.

No matter what level you are at - everyone should own one of these, even the Ozone design Team and Pro-Riders always have a 4m or 6m with them when going backcountry in case the wind picks up.

The Ozone Access 2014 is the ultimate kite for anyone new to snowkiting giving the rider un-matched peace of mind and security.

The Ozone Access 2014 launches easily, has huge depower, light handling, is easy to land with rock solid stability and boasts the finest components and safety systems available.

For 2014, the Ozone Access 2014 comes with a new Snow Contact Control Bar System, new comfortable backpack and a fresh array of colours.

The Ozone Access 2014 is designed for taking you into the back country, it’s the ultimate personal kite to take you wherever you wish to go whether you are on the land or the snow!


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