Ozone Ignition V2 Trainer kite SALE

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The Ignition V2 Kitesurf Trainer is a great fun for all the family but is perfectly suited with it's smooth and stable flying style to get you ready to progress bigger kites and and even Kitesurfing.  All sizes produce good power and it's often a choice of which size is best suited to each rider.  The 1.5m is perfect for juniors and higher wind fun but the 2m and 2.5m versions are the most popular and our favourite kites from the range. They offer the best balance of power and responsiveness so give the best training and fun. The bigger 3m is great for getting more power in lighter winds and for heavier flyers wanting more power.

The Ozone Ignition has a great 3-line safety system that makes safe, easy re-launch and landing making it simple to fly on your own without extra assistance.  The wrist strap leash also brings the kite out of the sky easily and automatically in an emergency ready to relaunch again.

Whatever your age or ambitions, Ozone’s Ignition Trainer is the perfect power kite to get you started. Children should use the 1.6m size and in winds less than 10mph and always be under careful adult supervision.  Please note in the video below the kite is shown used on the water, it will not relaunch without assistance from water and should only be used in safe area of calm water under supervision.

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