Kiteboarding Progression Professional, master this one  its time to go Pro  do the KWPT or PKRA tour

Kiteboarding Progression Professional

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Fat Sand Productions has teamed up with 4 times Kitesurfing World Champion, Aaron Hadlow, to open up the world of powered freestyle kitesurfing to us all.

Progression Professional builds on the unhooked techniques taught in Fat Sand's Advanced DVD and aims to help everyone understand the high level freestyle tricks that are at the core of competitive kitesurfing.

This DVD aims to help you understand, differentiate and land these tricks with style and power.

Whether you are an aspiring world champion, looking to add more tricks to your repertoire; or simply trying to understand and appreciate the complexities of high level freestyle kitesurfing . . . Progression Professional delivers!

This DVD covers 23 tricks, across 7 different families of tricks, and as always Fat Sand breaks down each one into easily understood and replicated stages.

All of this is carried out using legendary instructional methods and stunning photography, that captures Aaron at his best.

Due to the interactive structure of the Progression series, you can choose which tricks you learn and when.

If you are yet to try unhooked freestyle kitesurfing then check out Progression: Advanced and learn about basics, Raileys, S-bends and your first handle passes, or find out about hooked in kiteloops, board-offs and riding blind.


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