Hot & Windy Spring!

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You know when the weather all lines up & your enjoying on a daily basis what mother nature is throwing at you?..well you don't want to jinx it by talking it up too much;-) So hopefully I don't now that I'm telling you that we've had the best start to spring kitesurfing here in Christchurch that I can remember. Good winds almost every day, waves a plenty, water is like summer temperatures, & going by all reports it's set to continue.

I've had days that start with a nice foil board session (new passion) on our flat water Estuary, then wind picks up so go boosting & freestyle on a twintip board, then move to the beach & wave kiting on my surfboard, finishing the session back on the foil board 'flying' down the line on a wave at high speed. Usually a wreck by this stage (wobbly legs) the euphoria of our awesome sport right on the doorstep still buzzing in my head.

With the new season comes great new gear...

OZONE kites have just released the Enduro V2 (Version 2) - tunable freestyle/wavestyle/freeride whatever style of awesomeness you require in a kite!


Adding to this awesome new line up is the Hyperlink - land/water freeride foil kite. The Hyperlink is the do it all crossover kite, packs small enough to carry anywhere (backcountry mountains, planes, on your bike) & will suit ALL power kiting application Land/Water/Snow!


If your keen to give Foilboarding a try, then get in touch & we'll run you through getting started, how it's done, & even get you blasting across the estuary or beach 'flying' like a bird! 


A Foilboard will open up your kitesurf window as you can kitefoil in very light winds..check out the Axis Freeride Foil on offer

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