Areas for Kiteboarding and Landboarding in Christchurch

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Areas for Kite School & using your own equipment


Kiteboarding - Lessons

On the Map below is marked the areas we use for our 'Kite School' and for ongoing land & waterbased kiting here in Christchurch.

'The Estuary' is best in light to strong SE, E & NE winds, or medium to high tides. Expect 4-5 knots more wind at the Estuary than the beach when the wind is prevailing easterly. 

Kiteboarding - Ocean

South Brighton Beach, south of the Surf Club is a great place for Buggying or Landboarding, or Kitesurfing in more than 12 knots of wind.

We need to make a point of staying away from 'Busy Areas' eg Surf Clubs and areas where people may be swimming, sunbathing, or using the beach for other sporting activities.

Stay South of the marked post at South Brighton Surf Club, the further South the better while you are learning.

No one should be launching or landing kites in front of any of the Surf Clubs or buildings, THIS IS SOMETHING WE WILL ACTIVELY INFORCE (better to self regulate than be regulated), as we want to prevent accidents before they happen.

NO KITESURFING between the flags, or where people are swimming (this is just common sense)

Landboarding & Buggying in Christchurch

If you are Landboarding or Buggying past any Surf Club or between the Flags, do so slowly, with your Kite high and under control, making sure other beach users see you.

Self regulation

If we focus on safety now, we'll be able to come back and Kiteboard another day, if not we'll probably end up with less options to kite.
Have fun and Fly Safe!

MAP of The Christchurch Estuary Kitesurf Area, Kitesports Shop 14 New Brighton Mall & Brighton Beach...

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