Endless Summer

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As a precursor to New Zealand's winter season setting in a few of us from Christchurch, Wanaka & Queenstown have ventured east to the South American shores of Peru to get some late season wave kiting under our belts. Setting up for a few weeks in the town of Pacasmayo, renowned for it's long left hand surf break (possibly the second longest in the world) & reliable daily wind & pumping waves.


This is an annual trip for some, as reliable conditions to kite every day keep drawing us back. So far we've struck gold every day in the land of the Inca, & after many days of wave kiting pleasure we are needing to nurse our sore bodies through the daily grind of eat, kite, eat/drink, sleep...this hub for surfing (Peru's National sport) & kitesurfing, located on the west coast of Northern Peru, brings people from far & wide. Unlike the mountainous regions that are fertile & lush, the coast gets little rain (25mm annually), no issues with bugs or mozzy's, dry as dry can be. The groups vary & us Kiwi's like to poke fun at the differences between them & them getting OUR waves...the fiery Brazilians gunning for every set wave, the windsurfers slowly trudging out then lining up their run & not backing down to anyone. Chileans who's numbers can cause the point break to be like a car jam on a small wave day (no problem:-). I make it sound like it's busy here, well it's not really, but if there's more than our wee group out we like to conjour up ways of avoiding the wave queue, or avoiding the snakes who might slip in onto our wave. Sometimes these snakes are our friends but we usually enjoy the moment with comrade's on the water.

Not surprisingly the three Aussie's who were here fitted in well with the Kiwi contingent, but as it happens everyone's on different schedules & people come, kite till they are kited out, as like I said, the conditions are super reliable, then they leave, heading home for a well earned rest.


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